ASGER SVENDSEN – Professor in woodwind instruments at Malmö Academy of Music.

ASGER SVENDSEN (born 1942) was educated as a pianist at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen where he studied under Georg Vasarheley and received his degree in 1963. In 1967, he obtained his diploma in bassoon which he had studied under Carl Bloch and Prof. Aage Bredahl. Asger Svendsen later received inspiration in Rome where he studied for Marco Costantini and in Hannover where he studied under Klaus Thunemann.

ASGER SVENDSEN has many years of experience as an orchestra musician having worked since 1966 in most Danish orchestras and since 1968 as the bassoon soloist with the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.

As an educator, he has worked at the Royal Danish Academy of Music since 1973, where he holds a position as senior lecturer. Since 1983 he has also taught basoon at the Malmö Academy of Music. Since 1997 he holds a position as head of woodwinds and teaches also in chamber music, serenade ensemble, orchestra studies and preparatory orchestra participation. He was appointed as a professor at the Malmö Academy of Music in 2002.

ASGER SVENDSEN is known throughout Europe, among other things, for his annual participation since 1989 as teacher at the international chamber music courses in Sveg and for his own international courses in bassoon which he has run in Denmark since 1992.
His broad base of musical and educational activities has made him one of Scandinavia’s foremost musical educators.

Posted by Asger, May 26th 2008